Light Up Picture Box


I made one of these for my friends for Christmas after their marriage this year. He proposed at a lantern festival and she drew the artwork I used. I then made one for my family of my husband, daughter, and I for an instructable on how to make them.
Check out the instructable here.
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Paint then Cut?

Beautiful piece! I love the colors, lights and illustrations that span multiple layers - wonderful


There are simply not enough likes for this!

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The loveliness is making my heart ache. I adore this!


Nice shadow box effect! :grinning:


What an incredible piece of art! Totally amazing!


This is just amazing. The artwork is so nice, the sentiment is even nicer, and the finished piece is just over the top. Thank you for sharing it.




It’s just beautiful… And the proposal idea too!

Voted! :wink:


Wow! I’m always amazed by the talents I see on this forum! Great work!


Talents overwhelming! :heart:


This is too wonderful.


Lovely. It’s something to be proud of


Thanks for the vote and the compliment!


This is featured in the latest Instructables newletter. :slight_smile:


I just saw that too! Congratulations @brooklyntonia!




I was wondering why my view count jumped up today.



Beautiful work !