Lighted Sign - what I do when I'm supposed to be doing something else

So I am supposed to be editing a video but I want to make this sign. Now understand this is not for a client, or for me. I just was working with a client on a video the other day and they gave me some stickers and I thought…that would be cool to make. Now I am going to give it to the production company I work with in Denison but they didn’t ask for it and so I call this my procrastination project. First I said I was just going to make one piece… then when that was cut…I said just one more. Finally I worked on what I needed to finish, but the glowforge and this sign kept calling me back. I think I am addicted. LOL I could be addicted to worse things. I am pretty excited with how it turned out, still have to do one thing, I wanted the option of colored lights so I order some on Amazon so the lights I had in there were just temporary so I didn’t attacked them to the living hinge part so all the letters would lightup correctly. I also noticed I didn’t have it sitting right in the picture the texas music office back part needs to be turned a little counterclockwise. I will add a final pic when done. Hope you like my playtime project.


I think your time has been very well spent. This is really nice!


Superb procrastination, excellent results!


The acrylic backer to the letters is really clever - giving that extra light around the letters


I love the lighting, and the inlay is pretty darn impressive as well!


This turned out great!


That’s beautiful!

Oh thank goodness! I was so afraid that was intentional - I wouldn’t have said anything, cuz different people like different things, but - Oh thank goodness :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that’s the way to procrastinate! It’s awesome!

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