Lighted tree angel - Kuchi Kopi from Bob's Burgers

Here’s a Christmas tree angel that I made, based on the imaginary Japanese cartoon character Kuchi Kopi from Bob’s Burgers. The front layer is Proofgrade clear acrylic, with the Kuchi Kopi design cut and scored. The middle layer is green cardstock glued to particle board - I made the wings separately from non-proofgrade silver and gold acrylic, cut and scored and glued to the middle layer. The final layer is LED lighting hot-glued to draftboard. The three layers are held together by horizontal slotted tabs.

The backlighting works well and the whole thing came out better than I expected.


That is definitely a unique tree topper. Great job getting it on the tree and keeping everything straight.


Thanks! I should have put more thought into creating a mounting structure to go on the tree, but the 1" square gap between the first and second panels worked well enough with this year’s tree.

That is so freaking cool!

Definitely need a real and sturdy tree to make it work. Love it!

Cute little fellow!

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I would not expect that on the top of a Christmas tree.

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Never see anything like that before! Cool! Great work!

A million times yes!

This is one of the most awesome things I have seen. I need this in my life!