Lights not working in door and camera not focusing

Firstly, I’m working with support and waiting on reply. My issues started with camera not focusing. So they sent replacement cable. After putting the new one on, my lights aren’t working and then the print head bumped into the front corner while trying to focus. I turned it off for a bit and back on. It did a few jobs correctly. Then the focus issue started again and thats where I am now. Back to square 1. Anyone went through this?

If you are already working with Support, you have opened a duplicate ticket by posting here. This simply slows the process down.

I’m looking for owners who have been through same thing.

It’s not super explicit, @dklgood’s point is just that posting in the Problems & Support category automatically opens a support ticket. When they sort out that you’ve already emailed them they’ll close this thread ending any further discussion. None of the other forum categories will do this. If you’re just looking for other owner opinions might I suggest moving your post over to “Everything Else”?

No lights is an automatic indication that there is an issue with the black ribbon cable, confirm the fitment of all of the connectors, and make certain that the connections are solid.

Agreed, most likely cause is the connections for the new black cable. Though technically if the installation wasn’t perfect the circuit board at the back of the lid could have fried.

Few people are regular participants on this forum. Folks that have had a similar problem with a new black cable installation are few and far in-between. So until, you get a response from them, we’re letting you know what has been posted in the past.

I moved your post to Everything Else so they won’t auto-close it, but yeah. You’re going to get more specific help from your email thread with support even if it may not feel that way!

I have 2 issues. One I did a support thru email. One I asked about here. Maybe connected, dont know. Havent had this machine long at all. I’m beginning to wonder if it had been used before being that when I removed the first cable there were a lot of scratches under it and no way my fingers did that.

As for incorrectly replacing the cable, I wouldn’t have thought it would work at all if that was the case but I did 6 print jobs before it quit again.

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