Like Glowforge, but for yarn


But can you design your clothes using only a pen???


You need to sell a lot of scarfs to make back the MSRP…

But I still want one… Just do… custom new hat every day. EVERY DAY!

Modern technology pisses me off. Not for its advances, but for what it wants to do to my pocket book.


Neat but, HOLY COW!!! The price could snag me another Glowforge!

Sorry, I love lasers much more than wool.


Anyone know where I can get 4" X 4" metal weave swatches made using custom materials ?


I’m a sucker for this technology – I splurged last Christmas and bought myself a fancy machine-knit wool sweater from the nice folks at Unmade; looks like I’ll have to get myself a scarf to complement it :slight_smile:

Oh, and for my fellow Pacific Northwesterners, check out KnitYak, Fabienne occasionally hits the road to demo and I’m sure it’s something to behold!


Love it … WANT…but way too big for my place…haz sad :frowning:


Fabienne has a studio down near me south of SODO.
They do pretty regular open studios and I dropped in once to see her enormous knitting machine. It is a wonder of electromechanical complexity and much fun to watch.


The size of it really caught me off guard. I guess it makes sense that it has to be big to knit garments, but they showed a teeny baby hat for a teeny baby head, and then BAM! Giant machine