Like new Glowforge Pro for sale P-Aug/2019 Owatonna Minnesota

I’ve only used it engrave a couple of things and make some cuts. Had lofty expectations and I can’t find myself using it and with COVID I need the money. Everything works, have original box and parts. Purchased in 08/2019

Asking 4600 firm.
Any questions or serious inquiries please email me at


You might want to add your location to the listing - good luck!

This forum is open to the public, and therefore spammer bots, you might also want to remove your email and rely on folks posting here or sending you private messages through the forum software instead.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you :frowning:

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I’m not worried. I posted a email account that pretty much only receives junk email. Thanks for your concern. As far as location I already had Owatonna MN in the title in case anyone missed it. Thanks

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