Line artwork Spiral

it is amazing all the things you can find on the internet.
all my drawings are by hand, or cad. I like how you can take a simple shape and make so many designs.

Here are some examples.

This one I added yesterday, it shows one triangle red, it is rotated around the center of the drawing 11 times, then hand finished.

the first is an example of the same triangle used to make several different patterns. The one large triangle shows two patterns, the large triangle, the two on the right, I show two patterns, one I call “flying bird,” take a guess. The other one, haven’t thought of it yet.

So many interesting patterns with little effort, enjoyable and can be totally mind numbing.


Fabulous resources–thanks for posting them!

FYI, I have a mild version of ASMR–I feel mildly euphoric and very peaceful, with tingling down the backs of my arms, when I watch videos of people doing wood-turning, strangely enough.


What values did you enter to get the image you posted?

edit: I figured it out. All set to defaults except:

edit2: I can’t figure out how to make it “zoom out” so I see more of the pattern.

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I have been watching all of Frank Howarth’s videos. He’s the uncle I always wished had lived down the street.

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love frank howarth! I would die to have his shop… its almost as big as my house!

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Now I understand what I experience entering a horse barn. I grew up in the town where the Missouri State Fair takes place. August is typically hot and humid. I’m walking around in the steaming sun and enter into a cool, dark horse barn. I get the shivers and this amazing sense of total envelopment by the environment. That is the only trigger that I have. It’s just amazing.


These are so lovely! It’s amazing how visually rich and compelling these are, and because of, rather than in spite of, their similarity.

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Good lord, yes! I love his work. However, @takitus, Frank Howarth doesn’t induce the best ASMR for me because I keep getting distracted by tool lust! Have you seen his angled CNC table???

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I grew up on a cattle ranch with lots of 4Hers around–there’s practically nothing I like better in the world than a state fair!

try editing the “Scale” value

Is this still up and running? When I go to the website (using Firefox, Chrome, and IE), I see no image. I’ve tried messing with different variables, but I’m not seeing anything.

Looks like in the year since I originally found that it stopped working. A quick look shows that it can’t find an old version of the jquery library. The code is on github so maybe someone wants to fix it up? That someone might be me but I don’t have much time these days.

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