Line artwork Spiral

I made some lasercut line artwork, the fun thing about this is the way it was drawn though so be sure to check out the video


That’s lovely!
How did you construct the pattern?

Ok, I figured it out by looking at your inspiration video on your blog. However, when I try it in Illustrator and I draw the spiral lines with the pen tool, every time I click on another line it creates a point, thus ending the line which I have to then redraw as another, individual line!
So, basically, I can do it, but there is a lot of faff involved where I have to use single lines rather than a continuous line (like your laser draws).

OK. Finally worked it out. You have to draw the lines short then stretch them to the other lines.
I can’t find any other way.

Sorry to bore everyone with my step by step problem - it’s the only way for me to work it out! :slight_smile:

Ta da…


I loved seeing all your steps!! Half the fun of making is seeing how people figure it all out! :grin:


I normally appall smoke marks, but it really works for this! Well done!

Yes, they shape the curves nicely.

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Fascinating! (And pretty!) Did you tell it to cut this way, or did the software make that decision? My vinyl cutter makes some very interesting choices about cut sequence sometimes.

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Each spiral is a single line so if the software is behaving at all nicely it will naturally select this path. All I did was separate the division lines from the spirals.


How to draw curves using only straight lines…

This would make an infuriating puzzle. Haha

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Here are a few of my Line Art Drawings

the first two use the same inner core triangle.

Have to wait for my Glowforge to see how these turn out.


How does one go about designing these? Lol.

Very cool! I love the combination of art and algorithm!

It’s literally the same as in the video, you draw a framework and then fill each section with a spiral.
I’m using inkscape so it was very easy to draw one continuous line for each spiral.

The link at @m_raynsford’s site shows a hand drawing process. It’s magic! This process demonstrates properties of emergent phenomena where simple rules generate complex things. Zen doodle. - GIF on Imgur

The computer programming language Processing is a great resource for doing generative art with simple procedures to automatic the production. Browse Sketches - OpenProcessing

And this one gets you started better.
And one more edit: had to figure out what ASMR was. Glowforge leads me into some amazing adventures.
ASMR - Wikipedia


This is really really cool, and I am thinking that there may be a whole bunch of laptops with something along these lines (pun intended) on their lids in the second half of this year…

I ran across something called “quasiystals” recently. They are non-repeating patterns that LOOK like repeating patterns. I won’t pretend to understand the math but the results are beautiful.

And… for your glowforging pleasure I found an online quasicrystal pattern generator that makes SVG files!


wow thats pretty cool. I ended up playing it with for a while. It doesnt like big numbers though =).

A friend linked me to a similar site a few days ago thats also pretty fun to play with: