Is there like a matt I can lay underneath like a slate coaster? It seems dark when the camera picks up the slate I am not getting the imprint as good as I think I can. So wondering if could put something under it to make it stand out? ie… piece of white paper or something else?

Yes copy paper works well! I do that too.


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Yes, I keep a good supply of cardstock handy and will occasionally use it for contrast or flashback protection for material that isn’t masked.


+1 for copy paper. Whenever I do anything that is dark, first, I make sure the camera lens is clean (surprising how much of a difference that can make–or maybe not), and then I put a sheet of paper behind it. If the item is too small to hold down the edges of the paper, I secure it with a little painter’s tape to keep the edges down.

I believe contrast of the white paper would help for the scanned image in the Glowforge UI. However, I would say that your print quality is, or would be improved by either Set Focus, or measuring your slate thickness in a few areas and choosing to manually input the average thickness.

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