Linux penguin Trogdor melt rock!


Here is what I did back in '13 with my fresnel lens

Here is what I did 10 min ago

Laser melt rock? Check!!!


Consummate Burnination!


Check! :smiley:


Cool…I mean Hot…umm wow. Burninating the rocks is AWESOME!!


Really hurt when I saw @dan beat me a while back :weary: :grin::japanese_ogre:


COOL! Do you know the nature of the stone?


Arizona igneous as I recall


I felt sure about using it as I had done the penguin before on it.


Now I have the Trogdor Song stuck on my head! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks me too :japanese_ogre::grin:


Wow, melting rock is far-out! Thanks for posting this.


So is that black what you get from the burning process, or added? (I’ve done slate)


That black is glass from the stone itself nothing was added


If you downloaded the pic you can zoom in and see where bubbles occurred :japanese_ogre:

You can see bubbles on both Tux and Trogdor


Also it you zoom in you will see two “auras” around the glass area. I am guessing it is from levels of heating around the glass.