List of QR codes or QR code content?

Is there a list of the various material QR codes that come on PG material?
Or better: a printable version of the QR codes?

I use hotel keycards and magnets to hold down material. I’d like to print out each QR code on paper and tape it to some of the keycards. This way, if I’m using PG Medium Clear Acrylic, then I just need to have all of the keycards face down(no visible QR) with the PG Medium Clear Acrylic keycard face up. This way, the GF will see the correct QR code and auto-load the material settings.

Right now, I have lots of scrap where the original QR code is longer long present. I’ve written in pencil what kind of material it is, but I still have to manually select the material from the drop down list. (And far too many times, I’ve grabbed “Thick Clear Acrylic” rather than “Medium Clear Acrylic” or some other wrong material from the drop-down menu.)

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I saw a post once that the QR codes are different on each piece.

I always select the type in the drop down that comes up when you click on “unknown.”


It’s my understanding that QR codes also hold specific batch data for reference if support needs to help, like if there is a bad batch of material. As far as I know there is no list available. What I did a while ago was cut out the QR code from each material and I’ve kept them as cards. That was… fun. You’re probably better off just selecting from the drop-down, and it only takes a couple seconds using the search bar.

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I put Proofgrade labels face-down, as they mess with the power on prints and are a PIA to remove.

Just copy QR codes from material you have if you need to use them.


Previously, quite a bit:

Lots of discussions about this and clever solutions about how to make little qr codes to throw into the gf.

In the end it’s maybe easier to select materials in the dropdown but it’s definitely cooler to have the material get recognized.

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I just cut them out of my PG materials and save them for when I need them. Bonus is the back is a nice sample piece of the material. :blush:


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