Listing of Design Software Used By Glowforgers?


If you use software that is not already named/posted, please add it.
(Someone, please begin the list so we will know what works. Thnx.)

Any ideas for an "anticipation kit"?

@pb2u2, if you turn your original post into a Wiki, we can all add to it, and keep the list in one place…

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Great idea for a topic! :relaxed:


What Jules said but until then, Fusion 360.

A lot of folk here use illustrator or the like but I like things that will be assembled into a 3d thing and F360 works great.


Inkscape, but mostly openscad.


My available tools are:

  1. GeoMagic Design
  2. Fusion 360
  3. Onshape
  4. Affinity Designer (for PC)
  5. Inkscape
  6. Microsoft Visio

My GF projects will probably be mechanically oriented so I expect to be heavy on the CAD software applications.


Adding to the above -

  • Corel Draw (X8 version)
  • Adobe Illustrator (CS6 last pre-cloud version I think)


agreed - this is a great idea. It would also be good to include price info, even if that is simply “free” or “not free” or “kinda free for non-professional use” or something.

I’m using Inkscape (which is free).


Adobe CC Suite 2017 (not at all free)


Affinity Design for Mac


Me: Adobe Creative Suite 4 (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, mostly)
The Jerome: Solidworks (whatever the latest excitement is)


Solidworks, mastercam, fusion 360, inkscape, sketchup.


I’ve used almost everything already noted, plus Zbrush (organic 3D sculpting), Pro/E, and GIMP (open source image editor, fairly decent).


In addition to the above:
Sure Cuts A Lot 4 (about $60).


In addition to CorelDraw, Fusion 360, and a few others previously mentioned, I also use Vectric Aspire (about $2K) with my CNC router. I think there will be some applications for it with the Glowforge.


I use Corel painter, because I like it. And then the trace feature in sure cuts a lot something or other number to turn the raster png painter makes into a vector svg.

If something is geometric, I just design it in sure cuts a lot. Plus I’ll use it add dashed lines and all that for paper stuff.

And when I’m feeling really contrary, I’ll design something in silhouettes design software, fill it black and change the stroke/cutline to black (for contrast), screen cap it, and then use the trace feature in sure cuts a lot.

Nothing like ridiculous, convoluted workarounds to avoid buying and learning new programs.


4! Sure cuts a lot 4. Which is a terrible name and a finicky program. But it’s cheap and it works so I like it


I used to use Rhino. Makes “not at all free” a woefully inadequate description :wink:


Oh man, and they only give you the one program! At least with the adobe suite I use enough of the various programs to get decent value for the subscription. Lightroom takes care of all my raw photos, Illustrator for for vector drawing, photoshop for raster drawing and photo manipulation, Premiere for video, After Effects for post, dream weaver and fuse for webstuffs.


Use mostly Rhino here, and sure cuts a lot


Right! I forgot to mention Vectric software. I use Vcarve Pro, a bit lighter version of what Aspire is.


Sketchup, Inkscape, GIMP, OnShape, OpenSCAD.