Literally spent all weekend making a box


Lovely detailing throughout.


Really gorgeous design! Outstanding—and worth all your hard work.




almost too nice to allow anyone to touch to play! good work.


Okay… I’ll admit it… Last night I had a dream I was playing this set.


That’s awesome! At least someone is playing with it.


Yeah… I also had a dream I was doing karaoke with Phil Collins. I did In The Air Tonight. He did You’ll Be In My Heart. Mine was clearly the better choice. :wink:


Did you do the air drums at the big fill?


Of COURSE. Matter of fact, I was all into it the whole song. Gave Phil a show. Dimmed the lights and held my cellphone light under my face and sang it all serious. I was awesome, and Phil appreciated it. :wink:




Can I ask how you got such clean lasering? I’m new to the glowforge. Did you apply a transfer tape first to protect the wood or did you use something else? This is probably the most detailed cutting I have seen without any of the dark discoloration.


Wowzers!!! Amazing that is!!!


Yes, masking is essential to eliminate the burn. I use transfer tape that I had left over from a vinyl cutter. Regular masking tape works great too.


Amazing!!! Good job!