Litho prints

I finally finished a project for my daughter for Christmas. In the past i have done some lithoplanes. i was happy to see i could do these on the GF. i created a box, printed the lithos, then did a ‘face plate’ for the front of the box…engraved paisley (6.5 hours of printing!). Then i put the led lights together and put in the back of the box. It’s made to allow the lithos to be updated. Happy with how it came out…although far from perfect:-)


Pretty amazing

Well done!!!

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Oh, very nice. But we need to see it backlit!

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Three beauties! NIcely done.

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Great project!

Nice looking piece with great looking girls.

Very nice! And…if I’m reading the name at the top correctly…Wenger…that’s my maiden name. Not one you see often.