Lithop Pot (with Plants)



Okay, I’ll admit, it looks a lot closer to what I initially imagined with some plants in it. (Fakes, so watering isn’t ever going to be an issue, and I won’t drown them.)

now I’m done. :smile:


Nicely done.


Gosh Jules, it’s beauteous, bonny, brilliant, comely, dazzling, devastating, excellent, fair, famous, fine, first-class, first-rate, gorgeous, great, handsome, heavenly, impressive, lovely, number one, out of this world, pretty, ravishing, remarkable, royal, sensational, smashing, spectacular, striking, superior, top, wonderful!

Hey, this is fun!


Did you say that they are fakes? They look so realistic. I would actually prefer the fake to live ones. Where did you find them? :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazon. Cheaper than the real ones that I killed last year too…I over-watered about fifty bucks worth of plants to death. :roll_eyes:


I want to make something like yours. It is really nice looking. Thanks for the tip about where to get them.:grinning:


Just do a search for “artificial succulents”. Lots of choices. :grinning:


Looks amazing with the flants (fake-plants…I just made that up…lol)

I love the color scheme, it pairs well with the wood…


Flants! (It works!) :rofl:


Very nice!
Sitting at a restaurant I noticed the beautiful little cactus in the table center - with a water stain halfway up it.
I would never have known it was fake, just like the person who watered it.


Okay, that turned out wonderfully!! Most excellent work!!


Once saw a guy pull a fake grape decoration at a buffet and pop it in his mouth. He saw me watching and swallowed it rather than look stupid. Didn’t work. :wink:


You are just amazing - I love the breadth of what you create, and this is great!


I’m dealing with 4 succulents… well, just 3, I drowned one already :neutral_face:


@cynd11 nailed it. Simple, intricate, and captivating all at once. This really is a charmer!


They should last longer than the poor lithops… Beautiful project !!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the final finished photo - what a great project!


I love this…and I’d go for fakes, too. I have very few places in my tiny house where plants can thrive anyway, regardless of whether I remember to water them. This is my kinda plant!


Ha ha! Perfect. I love ‘fwords’ like that! :grin:


I have to be careful with “F” words around my kids…lmao :smirk: