Lithophane box prototype first try

Some idea I had to make a little light box with a lithophane done in PG white acrylic. Its USB powered and can show in like 16 colors. The model from my stock collection of photography. Added some change around it in a photo for scale.


Awesome! :grinning:

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I have made several using a CNC and corian material. I haven’t tried using acrylic. Im thinking you reversed the image. I guess I will have to try a couple and see how it works

Hey jrryw,

Yes, I inverted the image and adjusted the levels in photoshop setting the input to 0 , 2.0, 255 which makes the image much brighter. I ran a test engrave the other day : white to black 10% steps and noted that from 70 to 100% things appear the same.

Good luck


Very cool project, and I like how you rounded the edges of the box!

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Thanks, yeah just zipped around a rounding bit on my tabletop router :smiley: