Litigious rightsholders - Use caution

Good point - MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS too

In their “defense” they were making massive amounts of money from it…

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@brokendrum, @deirdrebeth

It’s a wiki, please update the main list if you have additions. :slight_smile:


I added.

Wow, really, catan is like that? Cold.

Yep :frowning: it was a scary email. And it drives me nuts how many people are selling things with Catan in the name or the entire flipping logo on stuff, or have entire websites. And I can’t put Catan in my listing title, description or meta tags. Maybe (two people specifically) they licensed. But I kind of doubt that.

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Oh yeah - I have the absolutely beautiful playing board that was licensed when the creator did a Kickstarter - but when it was (crazy) successful and the creator wanted to open a storefront they pulled the license and told him they’d sue if anything was sold using the logo. What a frickin’ waste!

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