Little Paper House


When I get home, I will upload the pdf/.ai. The latest version has a hole in the bottom for a Christmas light. Unfortunately the inner folds show when a light is in it. Next I will try heavier stock, or design it in multiple parts. Making patterns is hard.


:smile: Yes it is…but those turned out very nicely!


Yep easy to feel intimidated by all the amazing designers on here, who seem to get it right first time. I’m onto my 6th reindeer that still isn’t working right.


It gets easier the more you do it…maybe…lol
Nice job though!!! Now make a Godzilla to smush the ones that don’t work…lol


(this is probably the 23rd iteration. My GF is downstairs and my computer is upstairs. It’s my cardio workout)


Lol once it’s right though you can do loads and loads, till you’re really really sick of the sight of them. Plus you’ll be super fit :joy:


Don’t believe everything you read. :slight_smile:


They look great … Love paper projects!


I’ve been tossing around making some terrain for a western game. Haven’t gotten the nerve to try it out yet. I bought these plans years ago, just a super pain to cut out by hand. I may need to revisit the idea.


Your work is awesome!


Ain’t that the truth! I’m designing a steampunk dice tower. I have started over, from the basic box, at least 3 times. And still haven’t printed more than 3 pieces at a time. And there’s at least 2 more iterations that I can see in my future.


I think your houses are really cute! If you want to make them a little sturdier you could try Canson Watercolor artboard. It’s close to 1/16” and paints up really nice. I used it for my HO scale houses. You wouldn’t be able to fold them, though, because the thickness would have to be accounted for.


Oh, not mine. Just throwing it out there for others to view.


Cool in the least.