Live edge coasters

What were your settings for these?

We can only discuss settings in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum, but perhaps @pubultrastar can pm you.

No secret, I just used the SD engrave settings for proofgrade walnut.

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An idea thought of too late :man_facepalming:
To make some with maps of New York, Boston, Savanna, and Miami and thus have Easter Coasters :grin:


When my wife and I visited England we made a point of visiting a few cathedrals. I don’t remember which one it was but one of them needed a new roof and the original architect had planned for this. He had planted oak trees that had been tended to for several hundred years just for this purpose. I can’t help but imagine the Cardinal or whoever from the church oversaw the project asking “Pray tell good man, what plans hast thou made to replace the wooden portions of the structure whence time and insects render them unsound?” and the architect holds up a bag of acorns.

While that pre-planning alone was a bit awe inspiring, they also said that harvesting and milling the trees and then crafting the long beams would be challenging even with modern tools and methods. While we have better power tools today, we don’t build stuff like they used to and they were a bit nervous about reverse-engineering the old methods. If they goof it up they have to wait 400 or so years to re-order the raw materials. Amongst the other problems is that the roof provides lateral support for the stone walls so it has to be replaced in place a beam or two at a time.

Not sure if it counts as “foreseen” or “unforeseen” by the original architect but one of the problems encountered at this time scale turns out to be the technology may be lost when it’s finally time to implement. In this case someone had seriously suggested using steel I-beams with oak cladding to simulate the original design. (We were told this idea was soundly rejected.)

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There was a time when old boats from Cuba and Haiti were in excess in Miami as those who brought them had no more interest in them. So I had acquired an old Cuban fishing boat and was replacing a bit of rotted siding. There were fasteners of copper, bronze, stainless, and iron. Around the copper was a knot of good wood. The bronze was similar but the knot was smaller. The stainless looked like it had been put in yesterday with no interaction either way. The iron nails were the center and focus of every bit of rot on the entire boat. If there had been no iron there would have been no rot.

Later I re-met an old school friend that had received his PhD showing the connection between free iron and disease and even very dangerous diseases kept and injected in iron free circumstances would often not cause disease, but given enough iron to have a chance to lyse red blood cells, it would take off as normal. This is apparently why stepping on an iron nail is such a problem rather than having special critters there.

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These are gorgeous, and the engraving looks fanrastic!


Very nice!

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