Live hinge Purse

After making wizard house earrings, I decided I wanted to try making a wooden purse to take with me on our family trip to Universal Studios. Nothing too big or heavy & that will fit in their tiny lockers.

We’re visiting all of the areas, but mostly the two Harry Potter worlds (which is why we’re dressing up a very little bit. )

I was sorted in with the Slytherins, (no complaints) but didn’t want a lot of “House”themed things because I won’t use them often. I wanted something more… anywhere/anytime.

After a lot of trying different things, I went with the Auryn Symbol (snakes) from Neverending Story.

Honestly, why aren’t these around anymore? Great image and one print makes two (opposite) symbols. It was a fun design!

The final purse fit the trip & fits my style, making it perfect! :heart:

I really love this one but I realize that a lot of times I start a project and then figure out what I want it to be along the way! :laughing:


A note on the construction,: Because I was trying things to see what I liked it had several decorative phases. You’ll notice the “layers.”

The living hinges were too small so too fragile and broke- so I helped brace them together with copper tape I had around. I had an alternating copper tape and recl-diamond argyle pattern on the sides before I decided I still wanted to do snakes.

After attaching the symbol to both sides, the diamond background was too busy, so I flooded it with watered-down black acrylic. I was going for a toned-down version, but it wasn’t quite thin enough so it was just black.

That looked too odd with the wood and straps colors, and I remembered I had some gold rub&buff. - I’m not sure exactly what that stuff is, but very lightly “dry brushing” got a look I liked! It also filled in some cracks and gaps and basically covered up a lot of flaws. I’m pretty sure it acted as a sealant too.

I like how the diamond background still shows up!

So yeah, it was a fun learning journey! I hope you like it!

You can see the hinges, some braking, and the tape reinforcement. I went with the tape because I thought it would be visible, and copper is a good color.

The snap closure (preassembled part)

Alternate, but identical, images on both sides. Easy win! :grin:



It may have been a lot of work, but that looks really cool! Great job!


Thank you!!


You may become the target of a purse snatcher - not for the contents, but for the purse itself. Spectacular.


Looks fantastic. The leather and hardware embellishments are really great too.


I love the shape and the snakes, so unique! Love it!


That’s really amazing. Had I seen it without explanation, I would never have believed you made it with a laser.


That is just fabulous!


Bravo! That is an ingenious purse. I love “make it work with what you’ve got.”


Gorgeous work. And I agree, that’s a fantastic symbol.


Excellent use for living hinge. Too many try to make it a moveable part, but they do not take constant flexing (ask me how I know, heh heh).
Entire project is awesome. Thanks for sharing.


The term is misunderstood, for sure. Not a hinge by any means.

This is a perfect example of its usefulness, though.


If someone tried to take it, I would let them. I know how to make another one!:grin:


Very impressive!! Indeed you will catch more than one eye while carrying it!



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