Live streaming wallet creation

I’m live streaming my Glowforge banging out a bunch of wallets for Christmas presents. Feel free to swing by and say hi :slight_smile:


How to watch your Glowforge when not in the room with it.


Watching the holes being cut as i type this :wink:

Great talking with you. I will be on again tomorrow. I have 30-40 wallets to make.

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It was great to see you live, and that finished wallet is amazing.

Holy smokes! How are you gonna get all those stitched up in time? (Maybe you answered this in the video, I confess I didn’t watch the whole thing). Anyway, impressive project!

Thank’s I am going to be doing more today :smile:

The stitching is pretty easy, I tend to watch TV or listen to music while doing it. If you are just starting out with leather get one of these: It makes sewing multiple pieces together much easier!


I’m streaming again today. Setup a camera in at my table where I am working on putting together the wallets. Audio today so I can answer questions live :slight_smile: