Livestreaming Glowforge Projects (OFFLINE) (Wedding Invitations)


Hi all,

I just went online with the latest project. If you are interested visit.

Stream is OFFLINE!

Current Project: Wedding Invitations! 46 minutes of machine time per run.


Windows had to restart and update. Stream will be back in a couple minutes.

First project of the day was a success!


My kids would love it! There are two Ls in Marshall, but thankfully you can add another one with the camera positioning!


Dang, I already gave it to him. Hopefully he won’t notice.


Going to spend a couple hours playing with boxes. Come join!


Here are the Paw Patrol files for anyone interested
Paw Patrol (219.1 KB)


Stream is going live. Working on Halloween Decorations and some costume upgrades.


Tried following the stream but in a bar right now and it’s noisy as hell. Dang inconsiderate non-GlowForgers.


Sorry to hear that, I turned off the music. Was that causing the problem?


The Glowforge App isn’t working it seems, so no more streaming today. Sorry about the noise @rpegg


No I can’t hear myself think in this bar. It’s like all the people here want to have fun or something.


Spoke too soon, App is working again. Going to try to stream.


Anyone with suggestions on etching/cutting paper. I could use some help on the stream :slight_smile:


Got a lot done and hopefully will finish tomorrow!. Still looking for engrave and cut settings for 65 lbs paper. Any help would be appreciated!



Thanks JB, this helped a lot. I had to switch to 120 lbs cardstock and it required a 70% power at 500 speed to cut. I got partial cut through at 45% power, which gave an interesting effect on the skull.


Stream is live right now:


How is his laser tube so clean/clear???:no_mouth:


The exhaust from the Glowforge is working great :slight_smile: I also only have to use about 4 inches of the exhaust tube.


The sign came out great, even though I screwed up the score :slight_smile: