LiveSymmetry for Illustrator



I’ve mentioned the free goods on Creative Market before, but thought one of this week’s downloads may be especially useful. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but it’s called LiveSymmetry for Adobe Illustrator and allows real time vector mirroring in Illustrator. You just have to sign in to download it for free.


Cool. I may have an immediate use for that.


Thanks! I’ll check it out!


Oooh! I signed up for that a while back…thanks for the head’s up! :grinning:


The heads up is largely selfish, as I want to see what people can make with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Chuckle! Usually they don’t have stuff i can use, so I’d actually turned off notifications from them…(they email you a lot).

But that one looks very tasty! :yum:


just some scribbles… lot of potential here.


This looks incredible!


I did notice some weird layering effects when I went in with the second color. Instead of messing with it to figure out why some bits were going under other bits, I just made a copy of the [X+Y-45°-3] layer that I was using for the second color.


FYI - templates open in Affinity Designer, but are static, and do not perform as designed for AI


YES!! This!!! I have been looking for something like this!


Free is good! I’m using another tool called mirror me from astute graphics(Brititsh co) the plug in is like $55 american dollars. It’s works well for me in professional applications and I think it’s compatible with CS6 and forward but I hope that free version works out.


That is great – thank you for posting this.




A coworker used to keep a folder with all their monthly freebies, but she got a new job recently and I haven’t been keeping up with it. Thanks!


This works something like Amaziograph?


Nice!! Thanks for the link


Yeah, their marketing worked. I followed the OP link yesterday to have a look at the free offer. The next time I went onto Facebook, I saw an ad for a paid vector set from them that would work for a design I have been working on. I then looked at related files and now have a half dozen vectors sets in my shopping cart.


I hate it when I see the marketing at work and realize they are doing it, but still can’t resist buying the product.


Thank you!! Downloaded!!