Living File in Illustrator - can someone translate it to svg please?

This file is available for free. Unfortunately, it is in Illustrator. Can someone with illustrator translate it for the rest of us pretty please ? (747.9 KB)

I just did a straight up Save As SVG and converted the text to outlines. (The font was substituted too but I assumed that having the exact font didn’t matter.)

I did not test this at all so verify it works as expected before you do anything critical…

F3D3S89HWRZ5LBB [Converted].zip (142.5 KB)

I see the text, but no hinge cuts. Do they show up in AI?

They do, but they are hairline-width and are not actually visible on the screen at every zoom level. I had to use View > Outline Mode to see them easily. The same is true when I open the converted SVG version.

If you do a Select All or play with view modes you should be able to demonstrate that there is something there.

I will try that. Thanks!

I opened it in AI and see the same things as @GrooveStranger, but what is the file for?

It looks like living hinge tests, all kinds of different finely spaced repeating cuts.

Living hinge swatches from…#3 down

Not sure if you got a file you can use yet or not. I have it sized for the GF bed now, and broke it into 2 artboards

My GF hates me this weekend, so the first file was still in “Rendering mode” until I killed it. You can break it up and arrange it any way you like using your favorite SVG editor.

Living Hinge 1

Living Hinge 2

That layout made best use of the material

For anybody else looking, the originals are at Steammetry as noted above.


Not just your GF…I ended up killing the “Rendering Mode” myself too on the original. Thanks!

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@smh4wd did this work for you?

I opened it in inkscape, just haven’t tried to cut it yet.