Living hinge and some leather work

Had a leather worker friend challenge me to make a bracelet he showed me a video of with my GF. I also found a phone stand on that I customized. WAR EAGLE!!!


Both turned out great :slight_smile: if you want to get rid of the little fibers on the leather a quick pass with a lighter or torch will singe them off. I really like that living hinge design.


Nice! The bracelet is really cool looking! Was the video on YouTube? Can you share it here?

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thanks for the tip… I will have to try that.

Nice job on both! We don’t see very many living hinges out of acrylic on here. Yours looks very cool.

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It might be better to just sand the underside of the bracelet as it doesn’t add additional heat damage to the leather. Plus, it doesn’t make that burnt hair smell :slight_smile:

Love the acrylic phone stand with a living hinge!

And mystery braids–have been doing those bracelets for years (great way to use scraps, though I use thinner/refinished leathers)–I still just hand cut though, and faster than cleaning the soot off the edges… but cool it can be done on the GF! Also, I prefer punching a small hole at the end of each slit–looks more finished and makes getting the tight braid a wee bit easier, too!

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