Living hinge apple watch design

Just stumbled on this:


Truly awesome.

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thats neat… Although I hate wearing watches and still don’t really understand why I would want to buy a second expensive portable device for the sole purpose of viewing the stuff on my other expensive portable device. The only thing that I can think of when I see someone wearing one is that it is an advertisement to muggers: Two devices from one assault!

That said, though… awesome site! So much cool stuff on there. Great link.


I’ve had a Pebble for quite a while, and the increased availability with decreased phubbing is a nice bonus. Plus for anyone clumsy enough to easily drop their phone, not taking it out of the pocket has added bonuses.

Also, if your shop area is small enough to cover bluetooth all across it, you can be working in one corner of the shop, with phone on the charger in another area of the shop, and still see notifications. This has led to me frequently leaving my shop without my phone, but also almost never running out of battery at the end of the work day.

What really drove me to get the pebble though was a pregnant wife with late term complications who may contact me at any moment to ask for a ride to the hospital, at the same time as spending a LOT of time at the soldering bench working on tiny components. Breaking my positioning constantly to check every tiny notification was bad, but not responding to an emergency need was ALSO bad. Suddenly $150 for a watch was completely within budget.


Our own @madebynick has pretty much nailed this - we’re running around with beautiful wood watch bands that seem pretty perfectly durable. The secret is a leather backing, fabric middle, and wood on the outside - leather for comfort, fabric to prevent stretching, and wood for looks.

I posted a picture before, but can’t find it at the moment.


I believe this is the post @dan was looking for with the watchband made by @madebynick.


Ooh! Pinned that one! Who knows, one day I may be able to afford an Apple Watch and can give it a go!

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The open source design looks nice, but I doubt it was tested by someone with hairy arms. :monkey_face:

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The real utility is not having to whip out your phone, when that is socially inappropriate but that keeping aware of notification is a necessity. In my job (as a doctor) we get continuous clinical notifications via secure email, but I am often interviewing patients. Some alerts can be dealt with in the future, and some require urgent intervention even if I am with some patient. Holding your cell in your hand is tacky, while having my watch peak out from my white coat sleeve is way less obtrusive (yes I am multitasking, no I don’t have a choice, yes that it is how this works).

In addition as a cyclist, when I am out on the road and someone texts (kids) or calls (wife, work, etc) I can just dick tracy rather than get the phone out of the waterproof bag in the back of my jersey (yes, you look stupid but you don’t have to stop) and no I don’t use a bluetooth earpiece when biking as nothing is going to block my hearing of that car sneaking up on me to kill me…


I haven’t had a watch for years but a moot 360 or something else round appeals to me.

But I like the “fact” of 100% of dropped phones happen when outside of your pocket and most when taking them out of your pocket. Still yet to break one myself, but I did fumble my new phone the other day(from low height)

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The day I retired, I took my watch off and haven’t worn one now for 12 years. There are plenty of means by which I can find out what time it is. That being said though, being an avid lover of new tech, I WISH I could summon the need for an Apple watch…but alas, not yet.


Good for you!
A living skill that has been lost is the ability to catch a lower gear. We spend a great deal of our lives on the verge of being late. That is a major stress factor, and stress will curtail your enjoyment of life - not to mention your life Itself.

Here is a recommended read that will make you think.

they just dropped the price significantly…

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Thank you so much. It’s looks fascinating. I’ve bookmarked it.


I know, but all my funds are being used towards my emigration to Malta this summer. Maybe next year :slight_smile:

Malta? Cool!
A permanent move?

Yep. Just me, my Mac and my Glowforge! Can’t wait!


Ahh, southern Mediterranean.
Take the island by storm with the product of your 'forge!.. and don’t forget the sunscreen.

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I’m sporting a Moto 360 (the second edition), although the design works for just about any watch. Nick’s design has a host of subtle features that make it work: it’s leather backed, and there’s a fabric layer in the middle that prevents it from stretching, which would eventually cause the wood to rupture. It’s super comfortable. Even for hairy-armed me.


LOL I’m with you I haven’t worn a watch for probably 15 years of course I have my phone so I guess I still have a clock

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