Living hinge bible


I’m not religious but my aunties birthday is coming up and she drinks that kool-aid, so I went searching for old timey bible images and 1.5 hours later ta-da!

Not sure if anyone else has had issues lately, but i’ve noticed large png’s error out when trying to start printing lately. This took 3-4 attempts to start.


Very nice! Does it attach to the book somehow or is it a box?


Came out great. Glad it finally caught.

It is not just png, it is all large bitmaps. They have induced a bug somewhere and can’t seem to find it.
I was doing huge bitmaps before production units started shipping.
You can break them up into smaller parts and get them to print every time but I am finding that unacceptable as it leaves artifacts.


It’s a cover, figure it would be a good test of the hinge opening and closing. I’m just going to slather it in glue before I sent it.


Nicely done !!!


That is a really beautiful result, nice work. I’d be curious to see how it actually looks when opening/closing with the book inside.


Are you sure its not a heat issue? I did a living hinge box like that and it stopped about 80 percent. Usually I abort, but I just kept it on and went to bed - I heard it restart about an hour or so later on its own to complete it… Today my tube went crooked doing calibration (left side down -right side stayed near top… nasty grinding noise and waiting to hear from support,


i think this possibility might cause me physical pain


OH no…


That is a heart breaker :broken_heart: Keep us informed.


Wow! :scream:


I did that once. It happened when I had a piece of material in the bed overlapping the bed tray, blocking the movement of the gantry. After turning off the machine, I manually moved the head under the camera and straightened out the gantry, and it ran fine after that. But don’t do that until you hear back from Support. I just wanted you to know that your machine will likely be just fine.


I’d completely forgotten about it, but mine did that once too, for the same reason. Those wheels can jump the track if the path is blocked down at tray level. (Think I was trying to squeeze in an end cut onto the cutting area on the opposite side.)

It can also jump off the track if you’re trying to move the head past something too tall…that cow-catcher on the air assist can hit something and bounce. (foam-core)

Don’t think I ever contacted support about either incident though, it was clear what happened, and I just turned off the machine, put it back, and went back to cutting.

Might not be what happened here, and speculating does nobody any good, but if you contacted support they can walk through what’s going on with you. The gantry is designed to move up and down a little bit.


Beautiful job!
I’m also having a problem with the gf rendering and getting an error. I had to drop my lpi on a large engrave to get it to accept it and also run the engrave and cut separately (Thank you @Jules fir the help on this).
The entire file is only 928KB. I’m sure that changes dramatically with the print size and settings though.


Yeah support has confirmed that the GF can’t handle large engraves due to a bug/issue/hopper malfunction/whatever.

I just try them over and over a few times and it seems to work eventually for some of them. The recommended fix is some 3rd party image breaking app for now, which is a bit like buying a plane and being told it will only fly 20 miles or less.


I’d actually not recommend it, or take more time then I did to figure it out. When I glued it I glued it with the book closed, and glue is really rigid, so the book only opens about 90% before the living hinge can’t contract any further. I’d probably try to glue it flat next time, but then you risk breaking the hinge to close it.

Book binding with rigid matieral isn’t as simple as it seemed.