Living hinge book

This is a guestbook I created for my husband for Christmas. It’s for a cabin that we’re having built. I used the maple proof grade, I wish I would’ve just used a plain wood so I could stain it, I tried and it didn’t work



What a nice idea!

That looks perfect for a cabin! :grinning:

That looks great! Yeah I have been struggling a lot with the fact that all of the proofgrade options already have finish on them so they require sanding and elbow grease to add stain. Where have people been finding good unfinished wood for laser cutting?

Lots of places - local lumberyards (mills), Woodcraft and then online from Amazon and there are some other online wood sources that folks will pipe up for :slight_smile:

Rockler, because it is on the way home from work and Menards for oak and poplar. I need to get my act together and try some online sources. Search for hobby boards or scroll saw wood to find sources that specialize in thin.

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I found these…I cant see anything that would make them unsafe to laser, but if someone like @jamesdhatch would like to chime in and let me know, that would be cool too :smiley:


Should be fine. The rounds are birch veneered plywood if it’s the same as they were shipping last year. No issues with lasering. You can sometimes find them at Hobby Lobby too. You may see some cut inconsistencies due to embedded glue & knots but nothing you wouldn’t see with some Baltic Birch. These ones are 3mm so no problem cutting even if you hit a hidden pocket of glue.

The hearts are poplar if I recall. Also cuts and engraves easily. They’re solid so no issues with glues between layers. I have some of their other shapes and it saves time when making things for the library’s makerspace because thy’re cut and pretty well sanded so they’re a good base for acrylic paints.