Living hinge cylinder

So, this is not in itself really cool, but it’s a test for something I hope to be able to make that is. But I needed a cylinder of a certain size, and I wanted to do it on the Glowforge.

I cut a living hinge of appropriate size. (I first cut one to the exact circumference I wanted, then wondered why it was oversize. You have to subtract off 2x material thickness from the diameter to get the outside dimension correct.) Cut two discs to serve as end caps, and two rings to act as clamps. The rings turned out to be too fiddly and not tight enough, so I sawed out notches to give some play and used clamps to tighten them down for gluing.

It worked!

Sort of:

But that side’s not going to be visible, so that’s okay.

The tube is ~1.9" OD, in Proofgrade draftboard.


REALLY nice job!
I must try this whole living hinge thing. :slight_smile:


Very clever! Can’t wait to see what you make with this.

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Living hinge cylinder, meet Alexa. Alexa, meet living hinge cylinder.


:grin: I think Alexa might like that very much!! I’ve thought about making a Tardis skin for my daughter’s Alexa


A little less thinking, a lot more action, Mrs. Laser Lady!


Lol with Halloween finally over, I have a bit of breathing room. Sounds like a possible addition to some christmas craft shows…custom skins for Alexa and now Google home.


Did you ever make the Tardis skin for the Alexa? If so, I would like to see!

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:sob: I completely forgot!!! Just got back from a convention so I’ll be up to my ears filling orders…must put that on one of my to-do lists!!!

Good that the convention outcome will be keeping you busy…all GF related??

Sadly I don’t have my GF…yet…waiting for when the filter comes out. But they are lasered goods…I have 2 Universal lasers to keep me busy in the meantime.

I have my Pro vented out through a window…it works “pretty good” though I wish I could cut down on the wood smell some because my oldest has a bedroom in the next room and he works from home as well as games down there…

I’m lucky to have mine in my shop where the landlord let me install a vent through the roof. My industrial blower sits up there in its custom metal house…lol

Do you mind sharing the file for this?

@jules said it best…

If someone wants to share a file, it will be in the free laser designs.


I don’t actually have the file any more. Just use the Inkscape living hinge generator to draw out the living hinge on a rectangle of the appropriate size. Then cut out some discs and clamps of the size appropriate to your material and go to town.

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