Living Hinge Durribility

Hi All. I am in the process of building a Settlers of Catan board with a box that hopefully will be an hareloom. I want this thing to last for ever. I want to make individual boxes for each of the payer’s pieces.

I am considering making a component of this as a living hinge just like the one on this page:

What do you think the longevity of such a hinge? Do you think it will dry out and crack? Any experiences here would be very helpful.

Thanks, as always.

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Other’s experiences may be different, but I’ve never seen a living hinge stand up to long-term use (>4 years, so far). If you’re aiming for a heirloom to pass down to later generations, I’d recommend more traditional joinery. YMMV.


I posted essentially the same question a few months ago:

Scroll down a bit, there was a small amount of discussion.