Living Hinge Fish Box

I want to make this fish-box. I saw it on instructables,

I had planned to use a wood dye to color the boxes once I assemble them. I have a wood stain kit,

I am planning on using my small spray gun to apply the stain so that I can control the color and density of the stain. I got my paint gun from Harbor Freight, They are real cheap, but work pretty well.

If anyone has made this box, please post it because I would love to see it. Here is the file to make it.


That’s a cute box - I hadn’t seen the pattern on offer. If no one else gets to it before i do, I can try to run it later this week. (Got a lot of wood, just been a little tied up on time lately.)

If one of the other pre-releasers or betas wants to do it first though, that’s okay by me. I’m trying to get the tutorials cinched down.


Thanks, I have gotten some 1/8-inch birch plywood to use when I get my Glowforge that is 12" x 12". You can easily get 2 on a sheet and most likely get 3 if you separate the pieces a little.

I use the paint gun to just spritz color so I can control the amount. It can work really well if you set the flow way down.

This is what I am talking about with just a light spray.


Oh, well it won’t be painted if I take a crack at it. (No spray gun setup.) But I can just let the smoke stain it like that one. i haven’t tried a living hinge yet and I’ve been wanting to do one.


There is no rush, please take care of your personal stuff and do the box at your leisure.


No problem, things are looking up. (Still might be later in the week though…got a ton of catching up to do.)


OMG, that fish box is so cute!


@Jules or @davidgal2, can you edit your posts above to get the link to the example earlier on? Not very OCD, but it took a while to find the IRL GF post.

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