Living Hinge HELP!

If anyone has had success with living hinges and wants to help out I would be very appreciative. I’ve wasted so much wood and draft board that I just want to give up.

I’m making this tag that will fit over the neck of a wine bottle and I need the outer loop to be flexible. I’m not having any luck. Attached is the Illustrator file I’m working with and it has the last attempt for the hinge on it also.

Thank again to anyone who can help.

Tag Test (1.3 MB)

it looks to me like your cut lines for the hinge are way too close together. I tried the one you posted, and there was almost no material left!
I altered the spacing to match a file I have used several times, and extended the hinge downward to give it more room to bend. Here’s what I came up with, in BB ply (I have not had much luck with living hinges in other materials):



Also don’t forget that you want the cut lines parallel, not perpendicular, to the grain of the wood!


Good point! I didn’t even consider the grain of the wood.

I was able to get a new design to work well on draft board, probably because there is no grain, but still not on wood. I would have to change the whole design to get it to fit right with the grain of hardwood, so, for now, I’ll stick with this. I’ll probably shorten it up a bit for the next one.

Thank you both for looking at this for me.


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That last photo makes me think that the part that goes around back of the bottle should look like arms hugging someone. …or not letting go of the wine.


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