Living hinges are amazing!


I’m still getting the feel for things. The latest play was with living hinges. I created one with a really fine pitch with a goal of seeing if could bend 1/8" plywood into a pipe shape.

Sure can. Surprisingly tight bend.

Now to play with a bunch of different fastener free end joins in between making some promo items for a local restaurant!


That has a wonderful look.


That looks like about as tight a circle as you can get. For future reference, what is the circumference?


It does! I really like the look of the tiny ribbing vs. the larger gaps that are often used.


~52mm or so in diameter.

~165mm in circumference.


I do too! Nice job! :grinning:


That’s really nice!

(And just to ride my personal hobbyhorse, you can also do scores on one side that will get you bending radius not as tight as a living hing but with an opposing side that’s apparently solid. And available for marking.)