Living sculpture with cardboard skeletons... "TERRA! Growing Furniture"



This kickstarter has some nice concepts of building furniture into your landscaping with cardboard frames for living sculptures.

Just thought it was neat and thought I should share here.


I have to stay away from Kickstarter they make me spend too much money🙂


Much like the inspiring letter, I will make one of these somewhere down the road when I have my own garden. It’s really cool… I do think that this part of the video is interesting:

Did they just roll sod over the frame for this shot? Also, and this is just being nit-picky, but I feel like the technology exists that they could have had a much better time-lapse of the growth process.

Finally, how do you keep this thing trimmed? It’s not like you can roll a lawnmower over it!

My wife would very much agree with you, regarding me keeping away from Kickstarter.


I like it but how would you mow it? (Our grass wouldn’t work with that either, but it is a cool idea.) :slight_smile:


I actually really like the idea, but I would want to make a shape that was easy enough to swipe with hedge shears or something. Did you see at the end of the video where someone was hand-trimming with some little scissors? No thanks.

I remember that when I first heard about nanobot swarms, one use-case was for lawn maintenance. The idea was that you would tell your bots the coordinates of your yard, the height at which to cut. You would then scatter them and let them continually roam, climb, and cut individual blades of grass.
how are they doing with that, i wonder?

If you master kung-fu, you can always just use a sword…


Well i have a sword, but i sure can’t do that with it! ROFL!


That’s all there is, there ain’t no mower.:confounded:


Your post should get 1000 likes. (Come on people!). :smile:


Totally missed it until your post! :laughing:


I saw this and got the same question of how to mow. WEEDEATER!
can’t wait to try this out!


I think it’s interesting, but I feel like I wouldn’t like this in reality. Anytime the grass is dry enough to sit on, I’m happy to sit on the grass. Anytime I want a chair because the grass is damp, this chair would be damp because it’s grass.

Also, my dogs would pee on it.


I’m more interested in the technique, not the chair. Think of gentle geometric patters that are still mowable.


3d crop circles…


Versailles. :grinning:


yep. geometrics, fractals, etc.

and also practical things like “natural” curbs next to driveways and such.


This is super cool! Love the inventor’s goggles, too.


So that’s what Dave Lee Travis* is up to nowadays!

*British reference


Water ripples would be a fun shape.


It really would be!
The vision conjures some interesting possibilities in landscape art, but would need a “modular” lawn mower with small linked “floating” cutting heads with 6" blades that could articulate the topography.
Otherwise you would need to develop a real touch with the string trimmer.


Goats would work as well.