Local to NJ? I need something cut urgently while I wait for a part!

I have an order due for a client by next week and my lid cable just sh*t the bed. I’m waiting for a new one, and I need this cut urgently. Anyone local to northern NJ that could let me use their machine for like 45 minutes?

Thank you in advance!!!

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I’m not in NJ… but this seems time sensitive, so in case you don’t find a NJ user there may be other options:

  • You’ll have to do a little legwork to see if they have a GF in each store, it’s not a guarantee.

  • You might look for local makerspaces.

  • You might ask for people who aren’t in NJ to do the job, then eat the shipping costs. “by next week” seems far enough away that it could be done and shipped in time.


Also, welcome to the forum! I’m sure I speak for lots of us when I say that I hope you stick around, we love to see new users and their projects.


Looks like a great opportunity, but they either don’t offer this anymore or there are no rental locations in my area :frowning:

Ah, a bummer. Hope you find a solution that works. I don’t recommend Facebook for many things, but the Facebook groups are fairly active with plenty of people who never come here. Might be worth cross-posting there, see if you get a bite. (if you haven’t already)


We had two local stores that had GF displays with machines, but nobody at either store knew the first thing about using them. I was told by the manager of both to “bring my laptop and connect to it”…

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