Logo - 3D Engrave!

Hi guys,

I do play a bit of Counter Strike and I’ve decided to do the Katowice 2019 Sticker of one of my favourite team!

Mibr : Made in Brazil.

I really liked the result on this one!



It’s nice. If it’s something you want to do: a very quick wipe with an alcohol soaked rag will take that shiny residue off the bottom edge.


Yeah! I know! I was just impressed with the straight out of the machine ! Normally it comes really burnt but this time came quite nice! I will definitelly do a clean up! :+1:t2:

Turned out well!


I don’t really see any real 3D to it, and wonder if it might’ve been cleaner to just do a normal engrave versus a 3D engrave…

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i can see some variation in that inner circle at the top where it wraps around the shield, although maybe that’s just shadowing. but the 3D isn’t pronounced, if that’s what i’m seeing.

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