Logo Coins For The Bottom Of My Wood Bowls

I do a lot of wood turning and have always wanted to put a logo on the bottom of my bowls and finally got around to doing it.

I simply turned a small inset in the bottom of the bowls and engraved my logo on a thin piece of whatever wood i was using for that bowl. They press fit in and after i buff and re-oil the bottoms they will be pretty seamless. I wish there was some way to engrave objects taller than 2", but from now on, i plan on laser engraving the bottom segments of my bowls BEFORE I add the rest of the segments on and build them up.



I am also looking into using the GlowForge to cut out segments for my bowls that interlock together so i no longer have to hand cut my segments and clamp things together when i glue, just glue and press fit the pieces together. So far it is working out great. I will create another post about that once I get something done.


I’ve been thinking that this technique may have a lot of potential for any number of things to be layed up and then cut/sanded not just turnings. Knife scales for instance.


Those are gorgeous bowls! The coin works perfectly well…very classy!!


This is what I purchased my GF for. I like to sign and/or personalize my bowls, and my pyrography skills are pretty mediocre. It’s good to see this will work so well.

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hehe speaking of knife scales… already on it :slight_smile: I even used the 3D engraving to create a grip recess and a bevel down to the blade. Just needs some gentle sanding and finishing.


Very nice sir.


Well done, thanks!


Beautiful work.

I see you have the makings of a puzzle-bowl party. Using puzzle-rings of different diameters, and different woods, throw all of the pieces in a pile and then see what everyone can create.


Wow. You do beautiful work. Congrats.


These bowls are lovely, will definitely look forward to seeing more of your work.




You should put a link to order some of your bowls. I might need one after my move…


These bows are stunning…just stunning! I just started turning about a month ago, and I can’t even comprehend doing this yet. Great solution with the laser engraved coins. I like that you’re incorporating the laser engraving into other projects…I plan to do the same.

Whoa…this is cool! However, I wonder how the bowls will look as you have to turn away more in some places and different parts of the interlocking pieces shows on the outside?

I was actually using that in my design of the bowl. I planned the width of the “arrow head” so that i would get some lines in there as I tuned them just as a part of the design. if I didn’t want the arrow showing from the side, I simply have to make the arrow part the a little smaller width than what i plan the final bowl thickness to be.

this is what i am currently making these segments for.
I made this one the old fashioned way, this new one will be a completely random design /pattern with about 6 different woods.


You’re a far more experienced turner than I am, and way ahead on the design side too. Looks like you’ve thought it through. Great thinking!

That should look awesome!

Those are a nice addition to some lovely bowl work! :grinning:

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