Logo lasering project

I’ve not posted anything what we’ve made at Stock & Ford before, but we were so happy with how it turned out for our customer that I thought I’d put it on here to inspire others to give it a go.

The customer had made a portable drinks cabinet and wanted a logo on it. He was going to paint it and then found out what we did with out glowforge. Well cut a long story short, he was over the moon and didn’t expect it to look anything like it did.

The ability to take the logo off their webpage and place it so accuratly on their product in front of them and let them press the mighty button start the project was just so cool.

Taking the tray out wasn’t fun and a fair bit of raising up the item was an isssue to make sure the laser was at the best distance for engraving. Any ideas as to help speed up that process would be great.

Camera alignment when the tray is out, isn’t the best and we had to do a fair few quick test runs before we bite the bullet and engraves the final piece.

It’s vital to have a scrape piece of the material to do a few test runs with laser settings to make sure it’s right. I’ve also realised that a slight change in settings on an engrave that size can dramatically reduce or increase the cutting time. And has little to no effect on the final finish. This took 1hr 20 mins. If I’d have had time to do. Bit more experimenting I could have got that running time down.

So we were happy with the final result and have learnt a great deal. More importantly the customer was really pleased.

Let me know what you think and any constructive criticism and advice is genuliny always appreciated and respected.



Did you open the front door to remove the tray? I would imagine trying to take it out without it open would be “not fun”.

Camera alignment - there are lots of posts on how to calculate the height of the item with the tray out. Height numbers entered into the GFUI are based off of the top of the tray being 0.
There are a number of posts that have designs for stands that you can use to put under the material to get it to the right height. I personally have some 3D printed ones that I found on this site that work great for me.

BTW, the print looks GREAT!!!


Such a great, professional look. Thanks for sharing what it took to get there!


Nice looking box! :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks great, and glad your customer loves it, too!

Definitely worth the work to figure it out & with all lessons learned, I imagine it will get easier with each job (and help you quote costs for doing the extra work!).


Well I can certainly see why the customer was so happy—it really looks amazing!


…and how could they NOT like this. Excellent job.:sunglasses:


I thought that the front looked like it moved!! I will have to look that up. Thanks for the support

Looks great! The Glowforge is fabulous for doing these quick engraves.

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Looks fantastic! I’m sure the customer appreciates the time it took for you to get it right.

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