Long ago and far away I had window glass scraps

Many years ago I was making slumped glass plates and bowls and as the plates were round and the material was square I had a lot of scraps just sitting there and a more or less boredom waiting for the glass to bend so I made my own Dodecahedron-ish lamp that I recently bumped into again and thought I would share . I had started to point the pentagons out but they were close/far enough out to look more like a mistake than an even sphere or decently pointed star, so I pointed them in to be more diatomaceous crystal ot\r something.

after years of hanging around it is somewhat worse for wear :persevere:


“Hanging around” - I see what you did there.


Very cool! Such a unique design.

I see you did it with leading. I have done a bit of copper foil stained glass but not much leaded glass—too many special tools needed!


It is all copper foil soldered together, pretty much my first try with the style.

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I bet it looks cool lit up!


Cooler in colors

I “inherited” (as in, “please help me clean out my junk by taking it all home with you” :wink: ) my mom’s stained glass tools and supplies. I’ve made some small things like jewelry and business card holders, but haven’t tackled anything bigger yet.


No kidding? It looks like lead. Good job!

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Soldering is soldering, cutting glass is a bit tricky but straight edges are not so much. Even cutting circles is not hard with a circle tool, I made stencils and dusted enamel between two layers of window glass and heated in molds till the glass relaxed. Doing similar with Acrylic might be very interesting.

I made all sorts of things up to 24" diameter but I can’t find old pictures and only this little candy dish among my stuff.

It was part of a set that were Watermellon slices that the larger ones had seeds appropriately arranged.


Melting stuff is always fun. :slight_smile:

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Always thought glass would be fun … This is very cool!

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