Long hiatus has ended

I’m so sorry to hear of your wife’s passing. She would have smiled to see you collaborate with your daughter to make an ornament! They’re both lovely!




This is why I like this forum so much! After posting this I recieved so much support from the community and some sent private messages.
@Xabbess was very kind and sent a couple pins she had coincidentaly made recently. They are beautiful and will be cherrished by both of my daughters.


I am so sad to learn of your wife’s passing. I work in a Cancer Center, and I see first hand how it ravages the entire family.

My deepest sympathies.

The ornaments are wonderful.


Keeping this in the line of :glowforge: and knitting, My wife had been working on a pair of baby booties for a niece that is expecting any day now.
She had just started them and the toes were done. After she passed, her friend Patty that actually publishes/sells knitting patterns offered to finish them for us. My youngest daughter Sophie and I met her at a local coffee shop where they have “knit night” every Wednesday. Sophie has done some knitting but is not very experienced. Patty sat with Sophie and helped her knit a few rows and then took them home to finish.
After she returned them with a nice card telling the story of the socks I made a box with the hope that these become a treasure passed on either through her family or around as more of our nieces and nephews have children.
here’s a pic of the box and the socks.


Thank you!
My wife was an RN and I’m a RRT so we have seen this from both sides ourselves.
Dealing with cancer is never easy but faith and a positive attitude certainly helps. I watched my own mom battle leukemia in the mid 80’s while I was in high school, similar to what my youngest is going through now. At least I can relate to her and maybe be just a little more helpful than if I hadn’t experienced that.


Deepest condolences! Happy to see you keeping yourself busy and making memories to share with family. Cancer flat out sucks - I’ve lost a few people extremely close to me to cancer as I’m sure so many of us here have. I can’t imagine losing my wife - so glad to see you remembering her like this!

Blessed to see this community so supportive (I wouldn’t expect anything less!)!


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