Long wallet template

This is my first basic project after receiving my GF this week! This is a template for leather workers to use for creating a long



Nice! I really want to do some leather work…the stitching keeps me scared off, though, lol.
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Thank you! I’ve been excited to gets started with Glow Forge for quite a while! No need to be worried about the hand stitching. There are inexpensive tools from tandy leather to get started, and many YouTube tutorials to learn proper technique (i.e. Nigel Armitage). Can’t wait to try some other applications with leather!


Especially since you’re a nurse, so you’re used to blood. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just not my own…:grimacing:


If we ever to a Glowforge Convention, I do believe that the leather workshops would be filled to capacity. It’s something I want to do, but I just keep sticking with wood and acrylic. I have the tools, but just haven’t found a need. My wallet is still doing fine. One day though.

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Very nice! I’m guessing you prefer cutting the leather by hand as opposed to using the laser to do it. Is that because of the char?

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My 2 cents, for my projects that I could fit into the GF, I cut 95% of my leather by hand (well, rotary cutter or other blades) as most of the time MUCH faster to do the cuts myself (and saves scrap as you need to cut a piece larger to have room to pin in down for the GF), and also does avoid having to wash off the char and then let the pieces dry… And also I find the cutting of leather is not very consistent–though since the updates with the set focus has helped a lot, and some designs I do like letting the GF do the etch and cut in the same steps as it’s about the same time doing certain cuts would take…


Personally yes, I like to cut leather by hand. Mostly because of the char makes it difficult to properly burnish the edges, and good edgework can be the difference between a $30 item and a $50 item. Making templates on the glowforge allows me to have templates that last, and I can sell them to other leather workers. I find most leather hobbyists would rather use another designers templates than go through their own trial and error.