Looking for 1/16 Clear Extruded acrylic settings

I’m looking for cut settings for 1/16 clear extruded acrylic. I know it doesn’t engrave well but I’m looking to cut rounds to use as bases for miniatures. I’m planning on taking off its plastic masking and then putting on paper masking.

Anyone have something that has worked for them in the past or should I just take the proofgrade acrylic settings and then bump up the speed where it is thinner.

if it helps, my notes indicate that I used s200/p90 for cuts on 1/16 engraver’s plastic

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Why not just do a test cut? You could have this figured out in less than ten minutes.



I’ve only got two sheets of the material and I was really hoping to get near 100% of the usage. It’s expensive to get materials shipped to me and if I can at least get close to the settings I need id be happy.

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Did you ever find a setting that worked well for you? I am trying to engrave on 1/16 acrylic and having issues.

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