Looking for a 3D printer? Found a sale!

We love our Ultimaker 3 (dual color) and have found it to be one of the most reliable 3D printers based on experience through our Maker Space and now at home. The company, fbrc8, having this sale of refurbished printers is who we bought our Ultimaker 3 through (new). They have been the best with customer service that we have ever dealt with. Thought I would pass along the savings and the 12 month warranty is great too!

Refurbished Ultimaker 3D printers 2+ and 3 with 12 month warranty


The founder of fbrc8 also owns a glowforge.


…and I didn’t think about that when I posted this sale…but yes he is! I just know there have been some people talking about wishing they also had a 3D printer. We did a combo this morning…had some cousins suddenly come in town…3D printed an earring tree BASE and Philip took the 3D print and transformed it to 2D…and their daughter ended up with a pretty wooden tree to hold earrings…shoot forgot to take a pic! Guess I will have to make myself one. She loved the tree!