Looking for a file or a tutorial

I need an engravable image of the Big Island Hawaii. I really just need the outline, and I would like some topographic contour lines, but no labels or words or anything. Where could I find this, or how could I (relatively easily, with no art skill) make this?

If you just need the outline - doing a google search for “hawaii inurl:svg” will get you a bunch.

A search for “map hawaii topo” will get you mountainous outlines :slight_smile:

This one might get you a nice 3D engrave (despite being an ecosystem map, not a topo map!)

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Hmm. That looks nice. I’m really looking for something like this
But with no text or labels of any kind. A friend wants a “medal” for a virtual walk carved out of clear acrylic.

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And I have no idea how to remove the stuff I don’t want.

That’s a .jpg so it’s harder - basically you’d go in with either the eraser or the magic wand tool in your raster program (GIMP, PaintNet, Photoshop, etc.) and manually erase the bits you don’t want.

If you take this into your vector program you can do a centerline trace and probably get a pretty good version with only a few things (the labels) to delete the nodes




This one isn’t labeled so might work even better for you

If you only want to engrave the lines, and not do any shading, I would reverse the colours to make the lines black and delete everything in between.


There are many options available for learning vector and bitmap editing apps, and great free apps (Inkscape, GIMP…) Much of that learning content is free, on YouTube. One of my favorites is “Logos by Nick” - he puts out a lot of free content, but also has a one-price lifetime “membership” to full training courses for both Inkscape and GIMP. Of course there is also a ton of official documentation for each app available as well.


Occurred to me, another option might be to utilize a freelance marketplace like fiverr. For a small fee, you can have someone with basic skills in design apps quickly create it for you.

Thank you. Super helpful.

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