Looking for a free music box file

Looking for a box design suitable for a music box. If anyone has any leads or a file they are willing to share I would really appreciate it.

What size are you looking for?

Here is a general search:

This is one I really like:


Box generators are great for this:

Check out #3.

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I’m open to various sizes but I would like at least five inches. I don’t need artwork on it. I will be putting a photo of a friend and his wife on it. Thank you everyone for your help so far.

Thank you for the file it’s actually amazing. I found that one when I first got the glowforge about a week ago. Absolutely love it, great design. I’m looking for something possibly even without finger joints.

You can use any of the files in the Free Laser Design category of the forum as they have been shared. In general, asking for files not already shared is not allowed per the forum rules.

As already suggested, box generators are quite easy to use. I use boxes.py Boxes.py


I don’t care if it has been shared before at all. Was just putting feelers out for ideas is all. I’m really new to this and new in this group. I don’t know all the rules but I will learn. I’m a natural artist but I have never done anything like this with a computer design software. Thank you for your help and advice.

I have been to that generator link a few times. I understand how to make the shape and size I want. I just don’t understand how to turn it into a svg file or send it to the forge. I’m really lost.

When you complete your box in Boxes.py, select the “generate” button at the bottom. Your file opens in your browser. Select “save” from the file tab in your browser and you will be given an option of where to save the file (it is now an svg file) Drag this file onto the Glowforge bed or upload from the Dashboard “Create new file” tab.


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