Looking for a Pass THU hack:

Wishing I would have got the Pro but than they were out of stock.

So now I have a large piece of acrylic and need to get it into the machine.

Is there a way to trick the machine to allow me to lay a piece inside of it.

Yes. There are magnetic sensors in the lid; placing a mild neodymium magnet against them (taped in place) will fool the machine into thinking the lid is closed. If you search online you’ll find at least one example. You can get fancy if you want – people have made little magnet holders that engage the lower door, so you can have only the bare minimum open area if you want.

…uhhh, not saying it’s necessarily a great idea, your mileage may vary, you might be endangering everyone within fifty yards, wear laser goggles, and probably more warnings I haven’t thought of, but it is doable and pretty easily.

You’ll know the magnets are in the right spot when the lid LEDs go back to full brightness.

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Magnets worked like a charm, Thank you.

if the material is thin and flexible enough like canvas ot very thin leather it will fit under the lid with the door uo.

Wear your glasses.
You are defeating a metric ton of built in safety.


Yes please get eye protection and keep people out who doesn’t have it. I work for a company that builds electronic circuit boards for a major laser company. We went for a visit and was told a story of an employee who had permanent eye damage because he didn’t wear the mandated glasses when he did final test. He found them uncomfortable and tested many times without them.

I was surprised they shared that but it’s something they felt needed to be told to drill the importance of eyewear

This is one reason why I got the basic instead of the pro. I have people in the house who would be that cavalier. It’s a pain in the rear to make them wear the ear muffs (the DB equals high volume load music but if it hurts my ears, damn well the kids will wear them if they are watching) If the plus was an option at the initial crowd funding I would have went for the plus.


I do appreciate all the warnings, this is where having that automatic Push button from the phone will be an added safety measure and of course wearing glasses . Its not to often im going to be using Half of the pass through but its really nice to know my genius will not be held back by it as much.

Thank you.

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Sorry, I went all “Mom” there. I forget there are those who gets it and understand the risks running it with the door open. You obviously got it