Looking for a Rubber Stamp Tutorial for Corel Draw

I’m trying to find a tutorial for creating a rubber stamp in Corel Draw. Specifically, I’m trying to figure out how to take my design and set it up correctly so that my Glowforge will engrave the inverse space instead of the artwork and text.

Any ideas?

Not sure what the navigation is in CD, but I use PaintShopPro, and I just did a lot like this in the last couple of days:

In one file I created a rectangle or shape to suit the area around the design/text you want to print, FILL (flood tool) that shape with black or some color that’s easy to tell difference from the artwork file, then in another file have your design and got to NEGATIVE IMAGE, copy it and paste in onto the shape as a NEW LAYER (I just do this as easier to save the design file before I start trying to put it on a background or mess about with it)–and if the design came out as a rectangle and edges of that hang over the filled shape, select the layer for the artwork and erase those edges. Once you have both layers as you want them, MERGE, make it two color if not already, and you should have your design appear white, and the background black, and so in the GF it etches away the back ground, but leaves the design untouched.


Invert your image. The GF will engrave dark areas.

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And for the love of god remember to flip it backwards (don’t be that guy! - like this guy, and make a “positive stamp”)


Too true. Been there, done that, too! (though when I was hand carving some blocks for embossing velvet & leather–considered it practice for my carving skills!).

I want to start engraving (and cutting to shape) some rubber stamps. Out of interest, what material & source have you used for stamping material. I did a search on the forum for Softoleum [a very soft lino-type rubber, not mounted on jute] but didn’t turn up anything, which may mean it is not laser-safe. I see that Trotec has laser rubber stamp material (www.engraving-supplies.ca or .com), and there are a variety of more expensive sheets on Amazon.


Is the “bk” in “henrybk” meant to stand for “backwards”? :wink:

(not really making fun! You volunteered the info…)

It’s a stupid family joke from my teens

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