Looking for a source for bulk quick setting super glue

Hey guys just wondering if anyone here has a source for larger amounts of super glue. I find myself going through quite a bit and it’s adding up. I can find a way to get it in order quantities that would be really helpful. I will attach a photo of the one I’m currently using. I’m looking for something that sets really quick.

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Let me ask a friend that used to retail it.

I don’t think you’ll be able to buy a big jug, for example.

but you might get a case of standard sized bottles.

Starbond and Hobbybond are the only two I know that sell retail, and they are not (in my opinion) good quality. Largest I’ve seen is 16oz, 8oz is pretty common.

The RC community uses a lot of CA glue, maybe that’s a place to look?


I haven’t had a lot of good luck with the sizes available. I usually lose a fifth or so just because the shelf life is limited. I’m not sure I would want a larger size.


10 oz bottles at Fastcap


They sell accelerators for CA glue. Glue + accelerator = super fast setting.

In my opinion Fastcap makes a good glue.

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That is where i would go or to most hardware stores. they usually sell thin CA in bulk. A search on amazon has a lot of results for CA glue. can get it in 8oz containers for around 40$ and they have thick and thin varieties

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Keep it in the refrigerator. will last a lot longer that way.


I use a lot of thin CA (Super Glue) finishing my handcrafted pens (about 500 a year).

I buy ten bottles of thin CA from Timberbits http://www.timberbits.com/thin-ca-50g.html

I use this because it is the only source that I find that has a lip around the top of the bottle that prevents the CA from coming down the side of the bottle and gluing your fingers to the bottle.

As the Timberbits bottles empty I decant E-Z Bond 16oz from https://www.exoticblanks.com/ez-bond-glues/ into the smaller bottles. I keep the unused glue in the refrigerator.

I use the accelerator from Bob Smith Industries https://penkitmall.com/bob-smith-industries-insta-set-ca-accelerator-activator/ because it is in an aerosol can and I can use a spray paint handle so my hand doesn’t cramp up when pushing down on the nozzle.


I like the stuff from FastCap as well, I try to keep it in several viscosities.

Loctite has an enormous array of CA adhesives (as well as all other adhesives) in all sizes. Here’s a link to a search page from their site that shows size availability, and part numbers to help find sources.



I have a bottle 2 years old and sets fine, how does it act when it goes bad?

haha when mine goes bad it is preset - in the bottle LOL. Seriously, I have not had problems with old glue if it is still liquid.


it just gets solid IN the bottle. and you ONLY discover it at the worst possible time.


I see, thanks!

@ca_worth, of course. Not until you reach for it… story of my life, right when you need it you come up short.

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I have been really sold on these since someone pointed to it here.
Not sure about the fast acting but they are usually faster setting than I can make adjustments on.
The struggle is real.



heard back from my friend that had a company called Choice Woods (sold to wood turning community)

And I quote…
Satellite city out of CA is probably the best but cost the most

he also carried their accelerator too.

the thin is great for a nice finish on a pen.

The UV setting plastic might be a way to go as it sets with UV comes in larger quantities and should last a long time where it is cool and no UV available but set quickly under UV light.

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