Looking for a use for this inkscape design?



Looking at this design and trying to decide if this should be done on a Piano or put in a Bathroom?


Look like scales. Do a fish or dragon shaped cutting board.


Rotate to vertical, engrave on tile, uses as a border or divide column on the bathroom wall.


Bookmarks. Cardsofwood.com. Under bookmarks there are some examples similar to this pattern.


I’d put them on a beach tote. :grinning:


Mmmm. Saw what you did there. But then so did everyone else


Doing scales on a Piano is hard to fit in the Glowforge, But I am playing with a Casio Keyboard that really needs a nice stand instead of the nightstand it is on. I do like the idea of engraved Bathroom Tiles As everyone should have bathroom scales.


:woman_facepalming: (just got the scales reference in relation to a piano)


Jules, you need some coffee - NOW !




I tried to sell the nightstand before, but all I had was a picture of the whole bedroom set (in the move the nightstand was all that made the trip) I tried to explain to the woman who called that the bedroom set was not available but I was just looking for someone who just wanted the one nightstand.

She hung up in my face and called the police :frowning:


Kindly leave the stage…