Looking for advice on alignment/cutting after engraving + painting

Hey everyone! I’m scratching my head over what my next steps should be. Hoping you can help me out. I engraved a bunch of designs which i spray painted before putting it back into the glowforge to cut circles out of them (basically making a bunch of circle tokens with engravings in their center). I notice that the alignment is off by a bit despite creating my own snapmarks. I know that the camera lens is warped and its difficult to achieve alignment. I’m sure someone out there maybe have a solution for me. Any idea how i can align a 5x10" medium acrylic/med draftboard after i have already engraved it, taken it out of the glowforge, spray painted it, then putting it back into the glowforge for the perfect cut?

You could do the cardboard jig method. Cutting an outline in the cardboard to drop in your finished piece, then engrave on it. Put the cutout for the cardboard in the same project as the engrave. Then when you drop in the piece, don’t move it on the screen, even if it looks a little off.


i will try this, thanks

Have you tried the Lid Camera Calibration yet? My camera alignment is now near perfect.


You don’t need to cut up a huge piece of cardboard, a corner jig will work perfectly.


So I tried the jig method. Not pixel perfect but its good for now. Thanks for the help guys!

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